Onset Delay

Malware will delay execution to avoid analysis by the sample. For example, a Ping can be perform during a time defined. Unlike extended sleep that will use the Sleep function, onset delay will use another way to delay execution.

The purpose of such evasive code is to delay the execution of malicious activity long enough so that automated analysis systems give up on a sample, incorrectly assuming that the program is non-functional, or does not execute any action of interest.


Detection Rules

title: Powershell delayed execution via ping command
status: experimental
description: Powershell delayed execution via ping command
author: Joe Security
date: 2020-03-17
id: 200066
behaviorgroup: 5
classification: 8

      category: process_creation
      product: windows
              - '*ping -n * & powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -noninteractive -windowstyle hidden*'
      condition: selection
level: critical

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