Adversaries may modify file time attributes to hide new or changes to existing files. Timestomping is a technique that modifies the timestamps of a file (the modify, access, create, and change times), often to mimic files that are in the same folder. This is done, for example, on files that have been modified or created by the adversary so that they do not appear conspicuous to forensic investigators or file analysis tools.

U0303 T1070.006

Detection Rules

    name: timestomp file
    namespace: anti-analysis/anti-forensic/timestomp
    author: moritz.raabe@fireeye.com
    scope: function
      - Defense Evasion::Indicator Removal on Host::Timestomp [T1070.006]
      - Practical Malware Analysis Lab 03-04.exe_:0x4014e0
    - and:
      - or:
        - api: kernel32.GetSystemTime
        - api: kernel32.FileTimeToLocalFileTime
        - api: kernel32.GetSystemTimeAsFileTime
        - api: kernel32.SystemTimeToFileTime
        - api: kernel32.GetFileTime
      - api: kernel32.SetFileTime

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